Saturday, March 31, 2012

Goodbye, Mr. Arnold

Mr. Arnold, one of my older cats, passed away Thursday after a long decline.

He was named Arnie at birth for reasons I no longer remember in detail; his namesake was Arnold Schwarzenegger. It fit him very well when he reached adulthood; he was big, rangy and strong. But one day I tried "Mr. Arnold" as an experiment and he expressed a definite preference for that.

I'll miss you, Mr. Arnold.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cable Strikes Again

So on Friday, a contractor company employed by "blight mouse" (but not actually "blight mouse") appears to replace the on-pole cables for our neighborhood.

First off the bat, they take the cable down completely for more than an hour, because after all, "No one would be using it for work or anything like that."


I was interested in how many English words have "uu" in them. So I used More Words with a "*uu*" search to find them.

Then I came up with this atrocity, which uses pretty much all of them:
According to the duumvirate weltanschauung (issued during the triduum): The residuum after removing the squushier continuum vacuum, is the continuum ultravacuum. (The dictum also requires anyone who refuses to believe this to wear a muumuu.)
I thought about waiting to publish this until the evening of April 5 (the start of the triduum) but decided to not be excessive. (Yeah, right!)