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So who am I anyway? My name is Coyne Tibbets. I live in Orlando, Florida, where I'm a Software Architect for Florida Hospital.

I spend most of my time, right now, working in COBOL on an IBM z/OS System; we use CICS and DB2 as our transaction system and database product, respectively. In the past, I've worked in Fortran, Pascal, C++, and assemblers on 5 different machines. I should be learning Java now (in my copious spare time) and I'm slowly learning PHP on the side. I also use Rexx quite a bit, and am competent with HTML and CSS.

At home, I have anywhere from 7 cats and spend a lot of time reading books of almost every flavor (including romances) though I'm partial to science fiction/fantasy and mysteries. I like to eat out and watch the "weekly movie". Other than that I'm kind of a "stick in the mud": I have real problems with doing anything for myself outside of work.

I'm working on that.

Originally, I am from Wyoming; I was born in Sheridan. During my childhood, I lived with my family at several locations in Sheridan, Johnson, and Campbell counties, until I was about 6. Then we moved to a ranch (since forclosed) at Leiter, Wyoming, where I lived until I went to college.

I attended a one-classroom school (well, two rooms, for a while) near Leiter until 8th grade, then went to high school first in Arvada (1 year) and then, through graduation, in Clearmont; at Arvada-Clearmont High.

From there, I went to college at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. I delayed starting a year and then dragged out my graduation until 1980. After graduating, I worked there until 1991. Then I moved to Orlando to take a job here; I've worked at the "same desk" since then, slowly working up to my current position.

Part of the reason my ascent was so slow was that I had serious self-esteem problems. (It's odd how that works: I knew I was good at what I did ... and knew, with absolute certainty, that no one else in the universe recognized that. That isn't exactly insanity, but it is a wonderful example of how a brain can interpret everything through - and into - its own broken model of the world.)

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